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Cloud based memory systems

Ever wonder what comes next? We've seen two decades of strong growth in technology fueled by semiconductors and the Internet. The list of game changing innovations is long but the pace of additions has slowed considerably over the last few years.

It's tempting to lay the blame on declining investment as a by-product of the consolidation of hardware, software and communication companies. Certainly most of the larger players seem to have adopted a strategy of incrementalism rather than developing new break through products.

The trend towards cloud computing may look like yet another incremental step in scaling or amortizing the cost of the data center. But wait!... there's more!

Check out this article on the implications of Cloud Based memory…

"Are Cloud Based Memory Architectures the Next Big Thing?"

I think we're seeing the early signs of another step function in system design based on low power processors and massive amounts of distributed memory. The implications of this change will affect everything – power systems, cooling, hardware, software and communications.

It's also going to place a premium of dealing with failure – how do you make the failure of one element transparent – much like Tandem Computer did in the 70's and 80's but without the high price and software complexity? Hadoop?

That's one answer but there will be many others.


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