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Pull-based advertising gets closer

Pull-based advertising where users pull relevant ads just got a step closer.

Today's NY Times has an article "A Richer Trip to the Mall, Guided by Text Messages" that describes one of the latest tests of pulled based advertising. The article describes a company here in Silicon Valley called NearbyNow that uses SMS to gives consumers access to location specific advertising. The company tested out its service at one of the local San Jose shopping malls (promoted by signage in the mall) and got over 2000 consumers using the service on the first day. The company's distribution strategy is to sign up shopping malls across the country – providing another link between the consumer researching what to buy online but opting for local fulfillment through traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

Converting advertising from push to pull is going to be an important step in improving advertising yield and re-gaining the consumer's attention. There will be other interesting ways of distributing pull-based advertising; for example using metro-area WiFi together with WiFi enabled handsets.


George Tsiolis

Given the fact the demo took place in a San Jose mall, isn't it possible that many of those "consumers" were in fact curious Web 2.0 players checking out a new service?

Just a thought.


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