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The power of music - continued

Maybe it was the second cup of coffee...

After last weeks article about the power of music and the effect on my morning bike ride, I had a couple of days where I rode with my iPod but the times were consistent with my prior (non-music powered) times.

That was until yesterday!

Yesterday I broke my all time record around the Portola Valley loop by a solid minute plus.  Was it the music again???  Somehow, I think it was the second cup of Peet's coffee that I had before taking off on the ride!

Some more scientific testing is required... cycling through (no pun intended) the permutations of number of cups of coffee and with or without music.  I'll let you know what I find! :-)


thomas alexander

It is coffee. When I trained for a century, my coach (none other than the famous George Mount) used to tell us to take coffee. May be you are getting better at bicycling too. While music has an effect, it could be dangerous in cutting out ambient noises of SUVs.....

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