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Contest Club California Peninsula - CCCP

About 6 months ago, a group of avid contesters here in the San Francisco Bay Area decided to form a new Contest Club.  Although the SF Bay Area is part of the territory of the Northern Californa Contest Club (NCCC - a 40+ year old venerable institution), we wanted something different:

  • Smaller
  • Competitive
  • Contest focused
  • Motivated members

We decided to form the club as an ARRL Affiliated Club in the Local category and participate in the ARRL Affiliated Club contests as well as other club focused contests like the California QSO Party.  The ARRL local club category allows 10 entries from club members and all members must live with a 35 mile radius circle on some geographic point.

We chose the center of the circle to be 0.5 miles of the end of runway 13L at Moffat Federal Field - a former Naval Air Station here in the Bay Area now operated by NASA for research purposes.

We gave our first all out effort in the ARRL 2013 November Sweepstakes - what a blast!  All our members took part with no flogging required!  Everyone was motivated and kept their Butt-in-the-Chair because we all realized that our score was going to make a meaningful impact on the team result.

Here's our logo...

Formal CCCP Logo - Hi-Res


We decided (a little tongue in cheek to be true!) to call the club Contest Club California Peninsula - you can click the link and go to our web site - which we are in the process of updating.

You will see us active in many contests!

We love to compete!