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WSPR & HF Propagation

Last year I wrote a series of posts about my WSPR Transmitter - there's a link to the series of posts on the right side bar of this blog.

After running the transmitter for a while, I became really curious about some of the results I was seeing.  This led to another set of posts about using WSPR to compare different antennas back in April 2009.

I ended up creating a presentation about using WSPR together with antenna modelling tools (EZNEC) and HF propagation forecasting tools (VOACAP).  I've since given this presentation a couple of times but never published it on the web.

Last week, Tad Cook K7RA who writes the weekly propagation bulletin for the ARRL included some comments I had sent to him about using WSPR to evaluate current HF propagation by using the spots database on WSPRnet.org.  I'd also sent him a copy of the presentation by way of background.

Tad encouraged me to publish the presentation and also kindly arranged for Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA (who writes the monthly propagation column in WorldRadio) to review the presentation.

I've uploaded both the presentation and Carl's comments to the 'net and embedded them below.

Many thanks to Tad for the encouragement and to Carl for his feedback.


WSPR & HF Propagation


K9LA Comments


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