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Vista = DOS?

Is Vista* a "Dead Operating System"? This question came to mind over the last couple of weeks as more and more entrepreneurs pull out Macs to give their pitches to me and everyone else is still running Windows XP.

The percentage of Macs has really spiked over the last 6 months – ok – anecdotal observation with no scientific method or basis to back up the claim – but the increase has been significant enough that as we waited for a entrepreneur to hook up to the projector (only to find that the projector didn't have a DVI cable) one of my friends remarked, "we need to get a couple of MAC adaptors and keep them in the conference room".

Ok, this is the Best West Coast and the sun is shining, everything is green (for a couple more weeks) and what happens in Palo Alto/Menlo Park isn't a proxy for what happens in New York or D.C – but the (re) adoption rate of Macs is remarkable.

With the ability to run XP (through Parallels), get the benefits of OS X (Mac and Unix under one cover) plus have all the great Apple industrial design, it's tempting…

If it wasn't for my investment in software for digital photography (much of which I'd have to purchase the MAC versions), I'd give some serious thought to switching...

So that brings me back to Vista…

There is no compelling reason or attractive feature in Vista to make me want to upgrade – moreover, the experiences of my friends with Vista has made me stick to XP for the foreseeable future. The lack of sizzle in Vista and the rising penetration of Macs caused the "dead operating system" thought to pop into my head.

With Apple now a serious Intel customer, Intel has become neutral in the OS wars – Linux, Mac, Windows – doesn't matter to Intel – they collect the dollars for the CPU every time.

Absent a new release of Windows that adds significant new (and useful) functionality, I'll stick with XP… or keep thinking about a switch to the Mac**.

*All trademarks are the property of their respective owners

**I'm sure I'll get a lot of email from my Mac friends who have been telling me to buy a Mac for the last 2 years!


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