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Normal service will resume shortly…

Back in the days when the BBC didn't have quite the same level of reliability in its TV broadcasts, it wasn't unusual to see the BBC test card displayed with a voice over saying in a very BBC voice…

"We apologize for this interruption. Normal service will resume shortly.

Of course, "shortly" was a misnomer for "we aren't telling you because we don't know!"

I thought about the old BBC test card over the weekend when one of my friends asked me why my frequency of blog posting had fallen off of late. So, just like the BBC, I thought some explanation was appropriate.

One of the advantages of being a venture advisor is that I can spend more focused time working with companies – not just a few hours a month but often a day or two each week. Of late I've been working very closely with a particular stealth mode company and spending a lot of time helping on business strategy and product development. This has included a lot of late night phone calls with the development team.

It's an opportunity to work with smart people and it's a lot of fun – unfortunately, writing articles for my blog has been the casualty.

Time to get back to blog writing!


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