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iPhone in China

Thinking about the bill I got earlier in the year from using my old Treo with GoodLink in the UK (and having the benefit of more than two hours notice of leaving this time!), I signed up for the International Data Roaming plan with AT&T Wireless before I left.

I'm able to check my email and the combination of the roaming plan plus the usage meter on the iPhone itself gives me great comfort about next month's bill – no surprises! Data connectivity back to my email host is patchy – it has to be the data gateway because the cellular coverage here in Beijing is awesome!

Despite the iPhone not being sold (yet) in China, there were quite a few folks at the dinner I attended last night with iPhones – every last one hacked and running a ton of applications!

I'm looking forward to Apple's release of the iPhone SDK – can't come soon enough for me.


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