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Back to blogging!

I have to confess that the wheels fell off my blogging for the last couple of weeks – vacation followed by a hectic week as I got ready for an unusually intense period of travel.

Sitting here at 34,000 feet heading to China and thankful that the seat has AC power as my Lenovo laptop battery rolled over with an error message…

"Irreparable damage to the battery has been detected. Replace with a new one."

Great suggestion but utterly impractical at 3pm on a Friday afternoon and there's no local spare to be had – original or OEM. Never thought about battery failure – duh!... Better an error message than a frying Li-Ion battery any day!

Since I'm trying theory A of jet-lag management (when flying West, stay awake as long as you can), I have plenty of time to catch up on reading, email and blogging!

Nota bene; some airlines (including this one I'm on!) have timers in the outlets that shut off the power after about an hour… Crud! Remember to save frequently if your battery has gone to meet its maker!


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