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Thought round-up

Sorry for the late post today – got behind on some things yesterday and the ripples are just subsiding.

Request for help – I've only had a couple of suggestions for new companies on the Open Source Company List – if you have a suggestion, please send them to me via email – put "OSCL-XXX" in the subject line where XXX is the name of the company.

I'm pretty pleased with the iPhone – the UI is great and the utility is high especially being able to use an "almost real" browser on the phone via WiFi. I miss the ability to search emails and contacts, email a URL or cut and paste between functions. Hopefully Apple will add these… soon!?

Blogging everyday is getting easier – now I need to convert "every day" from working days to "every day of the FULL week!".

The No-Harm, No Foul meeting offer still stands – I get a couple of these in every week and they are great! Keep 'em coming!



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