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The secret lives of Venture Capitalists

One of the interesting insights I've had since installing Xobni is how many of my VC friends are morning people. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I'm one too!

My early morning isn't as structured as Brad Feld's but like Brad, I'm awake and out of bed early. When it's too dark to ride my road bike, I hit the stationary bike and read the morning newspapers (WSJ guaranteed but the NY Times often doesn't get delivered until after 7am) – then make a cup of coffee and start my work day with email.

When you select a message in Outlook, Xobni shows you details about the sender including a frequency graph that shows email arrival against time. The majority of my VC friend's show the bulk of email arriving early in the morning – mostly clustered between 5 and 8 am.

So, if you send a VC an email after 8am, don't be surprised if the reply doesn't arrive until the following morning – they aren't ignoring you, it's just the routine of the job!


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