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I Gave In

Ok, another confession - today I surrendered my Treo for an iPhone. Its the fault of my friend Tom who let me try his for a while over a cup of coffee at our favorite - Cafe del Doge in Palo Alto.

That plus the Typepad blogging interface won me over - not withstanding Apple's clumsy handling of third party apps nor the lack of a search function on email or contacts - I have faith that both of these and the third party apps will get fixed.

The blogging interface is very cool. No excuses on the blog front now!


Stu Phillips

I have to say that the combination of UI and physical design are a big step up on the Treo - not really fair given the Treo is 3 years old!

I've never been a BlackBerry fan having cut my teeth on Palm PDAs way back.

The wish list of new features so far stays at 3rd party apps and search for me.


Anne Johnson

You are in good company; Andy B was very enthusiastic about his, back in August. If you don't need third party apps, and the AT&T service is sufficient, have fun!

One of my Swedish friends, a long time MAC enthusiast (no, not Peter L) is very skeptical, though.
See paf's blog, http://stupid.domain.name/node/426


Stu Phillips

What can I say? The UI is very cool and the processor makes the Treo (now 3+ years old) look like its crawling.

Now if only Apple adds a search function...


That was quick! I thought you'll hold up to v2 before buying one...

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