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SMS ads – amazing results!!!

I promise this is the last advertising related post for today!...

M:Metrics in a quote by today's NY Times reported a 12% response rate to advertising delivered to US cell phone users via SMS. This is a staggering response rate and makes SMS advertising a very attractive proposition to advertisers.

Even the European rates at half that number (6-7%) are still very attractive.

Not too hard to image that the forecasts for mobile advertising ($5-11B by 2012) could hit the upper end of that forecast if response rates stay in this range.


Stu Phillips

Jeff D - I think it depends on the context in which ads are delivered. For example, I use 4INFO to look up business phone numbers or query flight status - I get ads in the message together with the information I wanted.

Ads delivered in an SMS message that was unsolicited would quickly get complaints from me at least!

Jeff D


I would think that if this new results in people receiving more advertising via SMS, they are going to grow weary of it and that hit rate is going to drop dramatically.

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