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Converting Thought to Speech

I have just seen one of the most amazing demonstrations of my life – a combination of hardware and software that converts the thought of speech to audio.  The inventor of this technology is Michael Callahan, a young entrepreneur who is one of the members on Chris Shipley's panel "Through the eyes of the young innovators".

Michael is the founder of Ambient, the company that has developed this product called Audeo.  Audeo targets people who have lost the ability to speak through disease or injury.  You can see the company web site at www.theaudeo.com – there are some videos of the technology in operation.

Eventually the company wants to extend the application of this technology to provide human to computer communication as an adjunct to a keyboard, mouse etc.

Although the product is still in development the demonstration was spectacular and forgive the pun, leaves you speechless!



thomas alexander

Indeed it is a breakthrough. Wish I could see the demo

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