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ClickShift acquired by WebTrends

Congratulations to John Rodkin and Leo Chang - their second company, ClickShift was acquired by WebTrends - the announcement can be seen on the WebTrends web site.

It's been my pleasure to work with John and Leo since I was one of their investors in flySwat - that company was acquired by NBCi where the charge was led by one of my Ridgelift co-founders, Robert Goldberg.  That introduction led to a long friendship and set of business activities between Robert and myself including a couple of boards which we sat on together - the latest of which was ClickShift.

I led the investment in ClickShift a little over 16 months ago - John and Leo had approached me about the ideas they had for building an optimization platform for Internet advertising.  Together with their team, they have executed well and a business development relationship with WebTrends led to an acquisition.



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