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Weekend - to blog or not to blog?

When I started writing this blog I noticed that its readership stats have a pronounced weekly pattern - fewer readers on the weekend than during the week.  Hardly profound, you can see this pattern in a lot of blogs.  Some of this has to do with the readers having weekend activities while the other contributory factor is that I tend to blog less at weekends (also due to weekend activities).

So, I thought I'd make an effort and write articles at weekends for a while to see if the pattern can be influenced!

While on the topic of blogging, I found an interesting article by Christina Kerley who surveyed a group of 30 marketing blogger's asking them what they got out of blogging.  It's an interesting read - check it out here.

The cross section of reasons for blogging are interesting and resonated for me as it came hot on the heels of my post earlier this week about VC blogging.

The key takeaway for me?  Blogging is about writing down you point of view and putting out there to be tested and measured.  Reality feedback!



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