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VC Blogs

Dan Primack's PEHub has a guest article today by Clint Chao of Formative Ventures about VC's writing blogs.  He concludes that VC blogs generate good PR and therefore benefit the VC firm and its limited partners - a.k.a. time well spent!

It's interesting that people wonder about us VC's spending time to blog yet don't seem to bat an eyelid at the same VC's attending conferences or speaking on panels.  The truth is they are all good ways of networking with people, getting your point of view across and being able to test your ideas against reality!

The blog has proved to be a good medium for me time wise - I blog when I have something to say and it has forced me to get my ideas down in writing - it's easy to hand wave and be less precise when you talk - Winston Churchill once said "I can talk for hours on any subject at the drop of a hat but to talk for only ten minutes requires a lot of preparation."  The blog requires thought and clarity if it's going to be useful.

Last but not least, the tools are getting better.  I finally had enough time in a straight line to get Windows Live Writer (beta of course) up and running with my blog - it's a much better environment for writing articles than the native web interfaces of the different blog hosting sites and MUCH faster.  I'm looking forward to when blog posting is integrated into Word so that I get all the tools I'm used to such as auto corrections, on-the-fly spell and grammar checking...




Part of the challenge with cutting and pasting from Word is all the misc. tags that get pasted with it that break the RSS feed.

At least one approach to fix this is cutting from Word, pasting to Notepad, cutting and pasting to the web interface... life is too short! :-)

Generally things improve! Remember Word back in the Windows 3.1 days? Wasn't even WYSIWYG....

WLW is a step forward, but just a first step! Change is good!!!!



You will continue to like Windows Live Writer (WLW) more and more as days go by. I, for one, almost don't want to use a web-interface for blogging ... because it is such a fragmented thing ... completing a full blog article takes a few days/hours and multiple articles run in parallel.

As an aside, you can always use MS Word and then just copy/paste into WLW at the end, no?

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