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It's been a long time since I was disconnected from the Internet for any length of time - whether on vacation, business travel etc. I was always on-line.  It's not just about email (I get that on my Treo) - it's being able to access news, information, blogs - in short, being part of the Global Village.

The last few days I've been visiting family who weren't part of the global village when we arrived - part of the trip mission was to connect them up to the 'net.  Despite having email access and being able to deal with the "important" stuff (truth be known, it could all have waited :-), the worst was not be able to access the stuff I view every day or be able to search for information - even stuff as simple as how to get to the next place to visit!

Well, mission accomplished.  We got the family up on the 'net and helped them send their first email message.  We've added another person to the global village and seen the light in their eyes at being able to communicate with their sons, daughters and grand-children.

If you get the chance, help bring someone new to this global village of ours - it's too easy to forget the capabilities and freedoms that the Internet brings when you use it everyday - adding someone new to the 'net will bring freedom to them and remind you of the tremendous asset we use everyday.

Welcome to the global village folks!


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