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RSS - Some Marketing required!

Robert Scoble blogged about an article on Dead 2.0 belaboring the point that only 2% of users accessed content on the Internet via RSS.

While it's a fact that Soaring on Ridgelift has a distinguished readership, a majority of you must be trailblazers (alpha-geeks!) - 4 out of 5 readers access this content via RSS - a sign of things to come?

Internet Explorer 7 will change this - built in support for RSS will make it easier for everyone to access RSS content but there are still problems...

RSS is the name of a message format - it needs some major marketing help to get it a more meaningful name.  It also has a requirements shortfall - you can't track (even anonymously) individual RSS subscribers.

With the advertising model paying for a growing amount of Internet content, it's not surprising that RSS feeds are beginning to include ads.  The value of these ads would be much higher if the same closed loop monitoring could be applied to RSS ads as is done today with search ads.

Either some smarts need to be applied to solving this problem within RSS 2.0 or its time to rev the spec - hello RSS 3.0?  Add the requirements and capabilities to make RSS useful in the mainstream while its still in its infancy...  and would someone please come up with a catchy name???


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