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Another journalist goes independent

Following on my recent post about the death of mainstream media, Matt Marshall announced today that he's leaving the San Jose Mercury and that his blog SiliconBeat is being reborn as VentureBeat.

You can try the link to Matt's new blog but as I write this, the site is inaccessible - apparently according to Matt's last post on SiliconBeat as a result of a denial of service attack.

Matt's position at the 'Merc is apparently being filled by Connie Loizos who has been at Thompson working with Dan Primack on PE Week ( a publication covering the private equity world).

Congrats to Matt and Connie in their new positions.

Also worth a read is Fred Vogelstein's thoughtful comment on my article about mainstream media - Fred was a writer at Fortune Magazine for many years and is now a contributing editor with Wired.  He makes a very interesting point - the issues facing the newspaper world are as much a result of the commoditization of content as the loss of advertising dollars.  I agree with him - the newspapers that embrace the Internet and make their content both more relevant and more accessible will win through in the end.


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