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Web 2.0 - mostly features, not companies

My friend and former colleague at USVP, Baris Karadogan posted a list he'd compiled of Web 2.0 companies - its long! Baris segmented the list by area of focus, for example collaboration, messaging etc.

There are two things that strike me about the list;

  1. Each category is really crowded!
  2. Most of the categories are features that should be part of something larger, not large enough in their own right to be built out as a company.
Of course there are exceptions of categories where real companies have been built but they are few and far between in the list. Unless you get to be the first and biggest in a category, the odds of being acquired to be part of a bigger company aren't very attractive!

It's worth spending time thinking about what categories haven't been established and where enough value can be delivered to build a company, not a feature.

The majority of categories and companies are consumer facing; the enterprise space for Web 2.0 looks like a good hunting ground. Let me know if you'd like to brainstorm ideas or chat about opportunities.


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