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Finding stuff in the Blogosphere

Last weekend I got to hang out with some of the brightest minds I’ve been fortunate to meet in a long time and we got talking about blogs. Several of the folks are active bloggers and a straw poll showed that pretty much everyone but me are active readers of multiple blogs. Naturally, all eyes turned to me – “Gee Stu, as a tech investing VC you don’t read blogs?” was pretty much the unspoken question.

As it turns out, I do read blogs – more accurately blog articles that are sent to me by friends. The blogosphere is huge and there is a great deal of very good content but it’s too difficult to find. A search engine is a blunt tool for finding relevant content unless you are interested in the same stuff as everyone else. What’s missing is the editorial review that provides the “Hey people, read this” effect. My friends are a virtual editorial board for my access to blogs.

Ted Shelton’s new company Personal Bee is a step towards engaging the community as an editorial board for those of us with more focused interests.


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